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Who We Are

Blue Reef Agri-Marketing was founded in early 2010 by Chip Nellinger and Adam Dryer. Growing up in farming families, both Chip and Adam had a passion for agriculture and continued pursuing professional backgrounds within the industry. Today, the two have over twenty-five years of experience managing risks for both grain and livestock operations. With an industry focused on general risk management recommendations rather than strictly focused on the producer, Chip and Adam noticed a need for personal, one-on-one connections with producers and the ability to focus on each operation as an individual with different risk management needs. With that, Blue Reef Agri-Marketing was born.

What We Do

Many factors play into the specific needs of an operation - and when it comes to managing the risks involved in such an ever-changing industry, taking the time to get to know each operation allows Blue Reef Agri-Marketing to be successful. The team at Blue Reef is made up of industry professionals stemming from different agricultural backgrounds and diverse skill sets. Not only do you have a dedicated advisor at your side every step of the way, but the collaboration from a team of experienced advisors looking to achieve the same goal - protecting your bottom line. Specific, tailored advice, guidance, and help is our ultimate goal.

Who We Work With

We pride ourselves on the understanding of quality over quantity. Unlike most brokerage firms, we limit the number of operations each individual on our team takes on. This way, our trusted advisors are able to focus on you, your needs, and your goals for the future. We work to know your operation, teach you to make better marketing decisions, and go as far as helping you implement those practices.

How We Can Help

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive advantage by having a trusted team help you thrive in today’s volatile marketplace.

Working With Producers

At our core values is the belief that our customers aren't just customers but our friends. We want to sit down, discuss your goals, and make your future our business.

Knowledge and Confidence

Through education let us give you the confidence to act with sales or be patient with our custom tailored strategic marketing plan.

Risk Management Tools

By proper utilization of available tools including all types of cash and forward markets as well as trading futures and options contracts we can help you grow your dreams.

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The Blue Reef name comes from the concept of Blue Ocean Strategy. Generally referring to the creation of new ideas and outside the box, forward thinking creating competitive advantages. Thus, Blue Reef Agri-Marketing using these strategies to swim out of the turbulent water to calm to the 'Blue Reef'.

What started as a grain-focused row crop operation in 2010, Blue Reef has since expanded into the livestock side of the industry. Scott Dryer introduced the livestock division of Blue Reef in 2013, bringing in numerous, highly-skilled and experienced team members. Most of which are personally involved in the industry, as well. Blue Reef is proud to serve both sides of the business, helping not only farmers, but cattle feeders and other major operators.

Blue Reef Agri-Marketing is all about the people. We are passionate about that we do - and we genuinely want to help each of our clients see success. We take pride in a smaller, more manageable client base with a high amount of customer contact and are always looking for ways to help.

We create our own competitive advantage to produce a customized, personally tailored plan for each individual. Not only do we help you make better marketing decisions, but we help you execute those ideas, making changes year-to-year, or as needed to protect your bottom line. Our team knows how to focus on the market specific to each operation as if you hired someone specific to your business. Income and revenue can vary from operation to operation, and those factors, that are often overlooked by others in the business, play a huge part in our customized plans. Our team is able to form a bias against the market with your specific bottom line in mind. We become a part of your team and we act as if we are there, a fully-functioning member of your operation.

Backed by years of cash commodity trading and futures industry experience, the team at Blue Reef Agri-Marketing is dedicated and well-positioned to offer hands-on advice to help producers thrive in today's competitive business environment. We know this business and we strive to understand the specific needs of each unique operation, large or small.

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Blue Reef Agri Marketing Inc. is a CFTC registered Introducing Broker and NFA member. The trading of derivatives such as futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and you should fully understand those risks prior to trading.